Dialysis RN

Samaritan Health Services
Req #: 68998
Corvallis, OR
Per Diem - Varies
SHS Dialysis IP - Corvallis
Remote Status: No
Salary Range: $43.37 - $65.60
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    • Provides safe, quality nursing care to patients undergoing dialysis therapies. Assists with the supervision of patient care technicians.
    • The Dialysis programs at Samaritan Dialysis Services offer Nephrology Services to the patients in the Mid-Willamette Valley Hospitals. We specialize in both Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease.
    • Current unencumbered Oregon RN licensure required.
    • Healthcare Provider BLS required.
    • NNCC Certified Nephrology Nurse (CNN) preferred.
    • Six (6) months dialysis experience preferred.
    • Adaptability/Flexibility: Ability to respond quickly and appropriately to urgent medical situations that may arise with high risk or diverse patient populations. Ability to adjust actions in relation to others and adapt treatment to offer best possible care to patients.
    • Communication: Effective written and oral communication skills to explain complex issues, exchange information between team members, and tactfully discuss issues. Ability to proactively resolve conflicts in a positive and constructive manner. Possess the knowledge and skills to handle complaints, settle disputes, and negotiate with others to reach mutually beneficial decisions.
    • Stress Tolerance and Self Control: Ability to maintain patience and composure, control emotions, set clear boundaries and moderate high stress, difficult situations.
    • Time Management: Ability to organize, plan and prioritize work to complete within required time frames and to follow-up on pending issues. Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and thrive in dynamic fast-paced environments and under pressure.
    • Mechanical: Knowledge of tools and equipment and how to use machines or systems. Ability to safely and effectively operate a variety of computerized simulation and treatment machines. Ability to monitor performance of self, other individuals, or processes to make improvements or take corrective action. Ability to watch gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.
    • Health Information Technology: Knowledge of health information technology (e.g. review documents, the electronic health record, coding software). Possess independent judgment skills within the scope of job responsibilities to resolve legal, financial or administrative problems.
    • Rarely
      (1 - 10% of the time)

      (11 - 33% of the time)

      (34 - 66% of the time)

      (67 – 100% of the time)


      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 40 - 60 Lbs

      LIFT (Waist to Eye: up to 54") 20 - 40 Lbs

      SQUAT Static (hold >30 sec)

      KNEEL (on knees)


      LIFT (Overhead: 54" and above) 0 - 20 Lbs 

      CARRY 1-handed, 0 - 20 pounds

      CARRY 2-handed, 20 - 40 pounds

      ROTATE TRUNK Sitting



      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 0 - 20 Lbs

      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 20 - 40 Lbs

      LIFT (Knee to chest: 24"-54") 0 - 20 Lbs

      LIFT (Waist to Eye: up to 54") 0 - 20 Lbs

      CARRY 2-handed, 0 - 20 pounds

      SQUAT Repetitive

      BEND FORWARD at waist

      ROTATE TRUNK Standing

      REACH - Forward

      REACH - Upward

      MANUAL DEXTERITY Hands/wrists


      PINCH Fingers

      GRASP Hand/Fist

      PUSH (0-20 pounds force)

      PUSH (20-40 pounds force)

      PULL (0-20 pounds force)

      PULL (20-40 pounds force)

      None specified


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