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  • Req #: 44869
  • Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
  • Corvallis, OR
  • GSR Materials Management
  • .4 (32 hrs/pp) - Varies
  • Start / End Time: Varies - Varies
  • Overtime Rule: 40
  • $15.73 - $23.10
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    • Receives, stores and delivers materials in accordance with established policies and procedures as well as maintains a perpetual computerized inventory.
    • SHS Materials Management Departments are responsible for the supply chain needs of the enterprise. The department provides stewardship of resources and includes the leadership in the areas of purchasing, receiving, distribution and inventory control.
    • High school diploma or equivalent required.
    • Two (2) years experience in a supply warehouse preferred.
    • Experience or training in computer applications preferred.
    • GSR Materials Management:
      • Forklift certification required within three (3) months of hire.
      • Current valid Oregon driver's license preferred, but not required for all applicants.
        • Note: Some work areas require a current Oregon driver`s license for driving company vehicles. If applicable, Successful completion of Drivers Privileges for SHS Vehicles application process required.
    • Communication: Effective written and verbal communication skills to perform group presentations, tactfully discuss issues, and listen to and understand complex information/situations. Ability to work with all levels within the organization, facilitate communication, and effectively document related activities.
    • Computer Literacy: Knowledge of electronic equipment, computer hardware and software. Ability to operate applications, enter data, and manipulate and process information. Proficiency in computer applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and information systems.
    • Customer Service: Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
    • Monitoring: Ability to monitor performance of self, other individuals, or processes to make improvements or take corrective action. Ability to watch gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.
    • Team Building: Ability to work, function and communicate on a multi-disciplinary team. Possess the knowledge and skills to develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others and maintain them over time.
    • Time Management: Ability to organize, plan and prioritize work to complete within required time frames and to follow-up on pending issues. Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and thrive in dynamic fast-paced environments and under pressure.
    • Rarely
      (1 - 10% of the time)

      (11 - 33% of the time)

      (34 - 66% of the time)

      (67 – 100% of the time)


      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 60 or more Lbs

      LIFT (Knee to chest: 24"-54") 60 or more Lbs

      CARRY 2-handed,60 or more pounds

      KNEEL (on knees)

      CRAWL (hands & knees)

      ROTATE TRUNK Sitting

      PUSH (40-60 pounds force)

      PULL (40 - 60 pounds force)



      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 40 - 60 Lbs

      LIFT (Knee to chest: 24"-54") 40 - 60 Lbs

      LIFT (Waist to Eye: up to 54") 20 - 40 Lbs

      LIFT (Overhead: 54" and above) 20 - 40 Lbs

      CARRY 1-handed, 0 - 20 pounds

      CARRY 2-handed, 20 - 40 pounds

      SQUAT Static (hold >30 sec)

      SQUAT Repetitive

      MANUAL DEXTERITY Hands/wrists


      PINCH Fingers

      PUSH (20-40 pounds force)

      PULL (20-40 pounds force)


      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 20 - 40 Lbs

      LIFT (Knee to chest: 24"-54") 20 - 40 Lbs

      LIFT (Waist to Eye: up to 54") 0 - 20 Lbs

      BEND FORWARD at waist

      ROTATE TRUNK Standing


      REACH - Forward

      REACH - Upward

      GRASP Hand/Fist



      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 0 - 20 Lbs

      LIFT (Knee to chest: 24"-54") 0 - 20 Lbs

      LIFT (Overhead: 54" and above) 0 - 20 Lbs

      CARRY 2-handed, 0 - 20 pounds

      PUSH (0-20 pounds force)

      PULL (0-20 pounds force)


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