Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital
Req #: 56517
Lincoln City, OR
.2 (16 hrs/pp) - Day
NLH Ambulatory Infusion
Remote Status: No
Salary Range: $15.58 - $22.88
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    • Provides support to the patient through direct personal care (ADLs) and obtaining and recording vital signs under the direction of a Registered Nurse. Reports changes in patient condition immediately to the RN.
    • Ambulatory Infusion is staffed by a pharmacy team that is knowledgeable in the care of patients with cancer, autoimmune diseases, infections and more. We provide expert care to the patients and all of their infusion needs.
    • High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.
    • Current, unencumbered Oregon CNA – Level 1 certification required.
    • Healthcare Provider level BLS required.
    • Experience and/or training in Microsoft Word, Outlook and electronic medical records preferred.
    • Adaptability/Flexibility - Ability to respond quickly and appropriately to situations that may arise with high risk or diverse patient populations. Ability to adjust actions in relation to others and adapt to offer best possible care to patients. Ability to effectively prioritize and perform CNA duties.
    • Confidentiality - Knowledge of State and Federal (HIPAA) laws pertaining to confidentiality of protected health information. Ability to comply with laws and maintain confidentiality of patient information.
    • Medical Terminology and Patient Care - Possess the skills and knowledge needed to assist and care for others. Ability to recognize symptoms, drug properties and interactions, treatments, and preventive health-care measures within scope of practice.
    • Service Orientation - Successfully apply knowledge of various resources/models of recovery to assist and care for others. 
    • Social Perceptiveness - Ability to work with a diverse population from pediatrics to geriatrics. Basic understanding of age-related differences in caring for and/or communicating with patients and caregivers. Possess personal sensitivity to the needs and experiences of others and a non-judgmental attitude towards persons of differing standards, values, lifestyles, and ages. 
    • Stress Tolerance and Self Control - Ability to maintain patience and composure, control emotions, set clear boundaries and moderate high stress, difficult situations. 
    • Rarely
      (1 - 10% of the time)

      (11 - 33% of the time)

      (34 - 66% of the time)

      (67 – 100% of the time)


      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 40 - 60 Lbs

      LIFT (Knee to chest: 24"-54") 20 - 40 Lbs

      LIFT (Knee to chest: 24"-54") 40 – 60 Lbs

      CARRY 2-handed, 40 - 60 pounds

      SQUAT Static (hold >30 sec)

      KNEEL (on knees)

      PUSH (40 - 60 pounds force)

      PULL (40 - 60 pounds force)


      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 0 - 20 Lbs

      LIFT (Floor to Waist: 0"-36") 20 - 40 Lbs

      LIFT (Knee to chest: 24"-54") 0 – 20 Lbs

      CARRY 2-handed, 20 - 40 pounds

      SQUAT Repetitive

      BEND FORWARD at waist

      PUSH (0 - 20 pounds force)

      PUSH (20 - 40 pounds force)

      PULL (0 - 20 pounds force)

      PULL (20 - 40 pounds force)




      LIFT (Waist to Eye: up to 54") 0 - 20 Lbs

      LIFT (Overhead: 54" and above) 0 - 20 Lbs

      CARRY 1-handed, 0 - 20 pounds

      CARRY 2-handed, 0 - 20 pounds

      ROTATE TRUNK Sitting

      ROTATE TRUNK Standing

      REACH - Upward

      PINCH Fingers

      GRASP Hand/Fist

      REACH - Forward

      MANUAL DEXTERITY Hands/wrists



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